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Transfer Policy as of 02/21/2020

Personal transfers between private parties will be billed at $35.00 which includes the state fee of $15 for the background check. 

Receiving and processing firearms will now be billed at $45.00 which includes the state fee of $15 for the background check.

Please wait to show up or call about your inbound firearms until we call you that it is ready for pickup. We are processing transfers as fast as we can. We appreciate your patience. 

Need help shipping a firearm? Most states the cost is $20.00 plus actual postage

Special Order Policy as of 01/26/2023

If something you see is out of stock or you are looking for something specific you do not see on the site you can message us directly and we can get it for you. We require FULL PAYMENT to place the order and reserve the firearm for you. Once the firearm arrives and is logged you will be contacted. From the date of the contact informing you it has arrived you have 30 days to pick up the firearm. On the 31st day the firearm will become available to the public, you will be charged a 15% restocking fee and the remaining balance will be refunded. 

Holding/Failure Policy Updated 01/05/2021

If we are holding, ordering, or in any other way processing a firearm purchase and you fail to pass a background check or decide to back out of purchase after money or time has been invested you will be charged a 15% restocking fee. If a firearm has been transferred to us and you are unable to purchase said firearm your options are A. Pay for return shipping back to FFL or person who it was shipped from PLUS $40 fee for our time and liability. B. Forefiet firearm to us completley. C. Sell us firearm for amount we agree on. 

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